Lacy Road Reconstruction

kristina_fieldsDr. Kristina Fields,

an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, brought a guest speaker on 12/6/2016 to talk about the Lacy Road Reconstruction Project. The guess speaker was:


Ahnaray Bizjak,

an Transportation Project Engineer at City of Fitchburg

Ahnaray Bizjak and Dr. Kristina Fields presented a great presentation on working with the public on the reconstruction project. Jacob Wedesky and Colin Maus and I attended this presentation because we all have a huge interest with environmental engineering and can’t wait to work on a project like this. We were all so surprised on how much work needs to go into a project so that the public will be happy with everything that you do. This led to a group of Dobson Residents and the three of us to watch a handful of Platteville Community Councils meetings online and to understand what being part of a city community is all about. This was a good opportunity to relate to a professor out of the work place and actually build an relationship with her which leads to better learning opportunities.

Thanks again Dr. Fields and Mrs. Bizjak



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