2016-2017 Resident Assistant Meet Your RA


My name is Drew Adam Lindh and I’m the oldest child of my family of five. I have a younger brother and younger sister that I love very much and try to play a big part of their life. I’m currently a sophomore at UW-Platteville studying Environmental Engineering and in the summer I’m seasonally employed for the National Park Service which I’m very passionate about.

I grew up in a little town called Osceola, WI where I went to high school. It’s very close to Minneapolis just on the Wisconsin side. My father is Architectural Engineer and has worked on projects like the new Vikings stadium. My mother works at the school that I went to as an aid. My summer home is in the country and a big part of my culture was agriculture and being self-sustainable in your own community.

Some of my interests are things like hunting and fishing. If you would like to know more about those two topics than you’re going to have to talk to me personally. I also like playing poker and black jack. My mental and physical health is managed by working out and going for long runs or bike rides. I really enjoy pushing my body to the next level and seeking improvement!



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